chef and farmer
"I've had a few people message me and ask, 'Hey Veronica, how did you get to where you're at and what you're doing?' And while I may bullshit and say follow your bliss or whatever, a big part of the real answer is...Devin O'Neill.

Devin has always believed in me. He has always been there without judgement when I am losing my mind, or even when my mind is mostly intact and I'm simply being lazy and need a little push. I can't put a price on Devin's help for me, as an artist, as an entrepreneur, as a friend. Never in a million years did I think I'd be getting paid to do exactly what I love doing and what I'm doing today."


global branding expert
"Devin is that rare writer whose personal self-awareness and commitment to exposing the truth of any subject allows him to craft insightful, heartfelt and often searing content. As such he offers what Millennials and Gen-Z demand of communications today: radical authenticity.

He can challenge conventional wisdom, entice you to see familiar issues through new eyes, and escort you on journeys into topics that leave the reader transformed. In a marketplace that now turns on relational capital rather than transactions, Devin is a powerful wordsmith that will bring value to any brand or marketing company."

adventurer and travel writer
"I once asked Devin if there's any lifestyle or career path he'd try to talk me out of. He thought for a second, and finally said, 'Well, I guess if you chose to be a heroin dealer I'd probably ask...must you?'

Devin doesn't try to talk you out of things. Nor does he let you settle for goals that feel safe. No, he talks you into reaching for the things you want so badly that you won't speak them aloud. The dreams that are so big they scare you. He will show you how these things are possible.

Obstacles of money, geography, connections, expertise, physical condition, and occasionally even morality are not hard boundaries to him. These things are variables to be adjusted, knobs to be jiggled until the dream resolves into sharp clarity.

Then Devin will assure you that yes, you can do those things, no matter how big and scary they seem. The fact that they seem so big and scary, Devin will tell you, is exactly the reason you should reach for them. And he's right."

narrative designer
"Devin is a student of the process, of the experience of art as lifestyle, of its tolls and returns. He inspects the ladder as much as where it goes, questioning the misstep without rebuke to guide the next foot.

Creators with longevity need this kind of colleague in their circle: an instigator at war with self-doubt, boredom, and, most meaningfully, the myth of failure."