1. BEATLES: a short piece about art, technology, and hope
“The Beatles stopped touring because technology couldn’t keep up with them.” LINK

2. BLUE SKY: an excerpt from creative incubator Blue Sky Black Sheep’s business plan
“We are a still space of love and allowing out of which new ideas and change happen.” LINK

3. NCTRNL: liner notes and label description for a house music release
“NCTRNL is pleased to present Deep Space 01, a compilation of deep astral house that bubbles from our heartbeats and connects us to the stars.” LINK

4. AMOEBA: a branded interview for a clothing collaboration
“For a moment, before the quick-flowing river of the internet brought infinite playlists to our doorsteps, there were these fetish-objects imbued with great power, sleeved in gorgeous design, that contained the emotional and visionary testaments of our finest creatives.” LINK

5. MISERY: a research-heavy deep-dive into the online sadness subculture
“As stifling as it could be hanging around our parents’ houses, at least it was singular and unique. At least it belonged only to us, and not to The Internet.” LINK

6. GENTLE: an inspirational photograph