NCTRNL is pleased to present Deep Space 01, a compilation of deep astral house that bubbles from our heartbeats and connects us to the stars.

The first in a series of dance floor-ready melodic house + techno releases from NCTRNL, Deep Space 01 is the inaugural product of Sarkis Mikael’s and Epstein's new partnership, celebrated in the collaborative track “Together.”

These are sounds for long nights, for moving bodies and for dreaming dreams. Each track builds intimately, with an organic touch. Tactile arpeggiations, cosmic pads, and subterranean bass build wave after wave over thick kicks and clipped congas until you’re lost, unmoored, convinced you’re receiving a transmission from...elsewhere.

Here we explore the physical laws of frequency through analog synthesis. Here we echo the ache of being conscious life forms into the sky. Here we dance to something deeper than music.


is a Los Angeles-based label that explores subterranean house, downtempo, and melodic techno in service to a higher form of connection and a deeper layer of dreaming. Focused on a nexus of organic and electronic sounds, NCTRNL provides accompaniment for your wildest off-the-map festival dance floor and your furthest personal journey.


DEEP SPACE 01.jpeg