Hi! I’m Devin O’Neill, and I’d love to join Cashmere Agency as your Copywriter.


I’m a practiced copywriter, brand strategist, and content producer versed at finding the place where big cultural stories meet people’s everyday needs, desires, and behaviors.

As a partnerships content writer for Los Angeles streetwear label The Hundreds, I've connected brands like Looney Tunes and Amoeba Music to concepts like "the value of failure" and our need to disconnect from the internet through deep research into topics important to The Hundreds’ Streetwear-buying audience. I also worked closely with photographers to ensure dramatic visual accompaniment for the material.

I regularly research and synthesize cultural trends for the founders of the creative consultancy Blue Sky Black Sheep, informing and shaping the company's content and live events. While freelancing, I’ve written cell phone case names and descriptions for Caseology, and liner notes for house music label NCTRNL. I’ve also run social media for We First, a branding consultancy, and have crafted social copy and memes for various freelance clients.

While my primary interests are writing and branding, I’m skilled at multimedia production, which will help me contribute when Cashmere is crafting its signature cross-platform strategies. Some of my proudest work was with USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies, where I served as an audio producer on New Dimensions in Testimony, an interactive Holocaust survivor interview project, and contributed to a sharply deadline-driven multimedia content pipeline

In every project, I’ve focused on how to find and tell emotionally resonant, culturally impactful stories while collaborating with industry-leading teams of multimedia professionals. I’d like to bring all of those skills to my work at Cashmere Agency.


We need new ways to speak to our audiences through writing and branding, because everyone, especially due to social media, is now inundated with attention-grabbing marketing and influencer campaigns. For a person to invest time in a cultural or branded experience, it has to actually enhance their life– and the best way to achieve this is to connect it to their close-held community and their personal passions.

This is why I love what Cashmere is doing, with community focused campaigns like the Black Panther push or with real-world-value-added experiences like your pop-ups with Adidas and others. You’re approaching campaigns in a way that makes sense for the 21st century– you respect that listening is a key component in marketing, and that any truly contemporary brand has to harness deep cultural awareness that translates into valid and exciting moments, instead of just additional noise. It would be so satisfying to help craft those moments, and to actively deepen people’s cultural experience through the properties they love.

Excited to learn more,
Devin O’Neill

My portfolio can be viewed here.