We are a still space of love and allowing out of which new ideas and change happen. We provide the means and structure by which those ideas can be brought to the world, and we seek to ensure that those ideas create a sustaining and sustainable life in which each participant feels a sense of agency and empowerment as well as financial and emotional freedom.

This process involves listening to the spark that emerges from each person when they’re given creative space and support. This is a bespoke process, designed to put each person in touch with their individual vision and creative authority.

This is a necessary tool for dealing with the current marketplace ambiguity: if people know how to ground themselves in their own vision, they can overcome fear and pessimism and take positive action based on that vision. Blue Sky Black Sheep offers a new way forward into the largest expression of the future we want to create for ourselves and subsequent generations.

We are a branded, highly integrated content company dedicated to reaching as many people as possible and helping them improve their lives, tapping into a new way of thinking and being which allows them to create lives and livelihoods of meaning, purpose joy and prosperity.

We do this by finding emerging talent and joining with them to create new, proprietary content, products and experiences and then we leverage that content across a variety of media channels and commerce platforms.

The book Cultures of Creativity: The Centennial Exhibition of the Nobel Prize observes that, "So much of the innovation of independent achievers is a result of their environments."

Our experience working with highly creative people and companies underscores that idea. When you find yourself with similarly passionate people who share a vision, and are oriented around a particular task, remarkable and amazing things happen. The Blue Sky space is that kind of space. Everyone in our community is motivated by excellence, but the context for that output, the space itself, is love. It's about listening and being listened to. In that space, things change, and beauty, creativity and new ideas happen.

In this space one can surrender into possibility, and find one's own very specific gift and the higher purpose for bringing it. This is where we find the spark of change and innovation.